Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices


Solid Ear Plug

Custom fit solid earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. Solid earplugs are offered corded or removed with ‘L’ shaped handle.



Sleeping Earplug

A complement to a perfect night’s rest, the sleeping earplug is soft to provide a comfortable sleep while effortlessly diffusing background noise.


Musicians Earplugs

Musicians earplugs attenuate across all frequencies rather than just low and mid range frequencies, making music more clear and natural sounding.


Floatable Swimmer

Swimmers of all ages and abilities can experience sensitivity to water in the ear. Custom made waterproof swim plugs offer superior protection and comfort.


Mini Monitor

For individuals seeking rich sound quality and superior long wear comfort form MP3 players, including iPod, and other audio equipment.


IPod Mold

The acoustic design optimizes sound quality of standard in-ear headphones that come with MP3 players, including iPod. The secure fit keeps the buds in place while jogging or at the gym.


Sound Port

Unlike traditional wireless headsets, SoundPort Flex features an optional custom-fit earpiece, which is expertly molded to fit the exact contours of your outer ear.


Amplified Phone

  • Amplify in coming sounds up to 50db
  • Advanced clear technology makes calls clearer and easier to understand
  • Extra loud ringer
  • Controls background noise at the gym
  • Eco-friendly


Alarm Clock

  • Utilizes vibrators, strobe lights and standard lamp with an outlet
  • Large easy to read digital display
  • Option to connect pillow vibrator
  • Portable, great for travelling




  • Cordless TV listening device up to 100 ft
  • High maximum volume of 120db
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Ideal for those with impaired hearing
  • Can be worn with our without hearing aids